Our promise

Social responsibility:

  • The campsite is accessible to people with disabilities (shower blocks and mobile homes equipped for wheelchair users, and specially-trained staff)
  • Whenever possible, we call upon local artisans and businesses for our provisions and maintenance work.
  • We donate our unwanted items (office equipment, parasols, etc.) to upcycling centres or local organisations in charge of collecting them
  • We train our staff in the correct use of cleaning products (dose, dilution, etc.)

Promoting awareness among customers:

  • At our campsite near Etretat, posters encouraging eco-friendly behaviour are displayed across the site and in the shower blocks, especially in relation to the use of water and electricity, as well as waste recycling
  • Timetables for buses running between Etretat and Fécamp are available, and displayed, at reception.
  • We propose rentals of both traditional and electrically-assisted bikes
  • We have teamed up with nearby producers to provide you with locally-sourced beer, cider, Pommeau, etc.

Energy management:

  • We have set up a system to monitor our annual electricity consumption
  • Our newest mobile homes are fitted with key switches that turn off all lighting when the occupants are absent
  • In the snack bar, grocery shop, mobile homes and shower blocks, all electrical appliances (including water heaters) are disconnected from the mains during the winter period
  • Our shower-block radiators are fitted with open-window sensors
  • The shower-block doors are fitted with automatic door closers in order to retain heat inside the building
  • All computers switch to sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • We use energy-efficient light bulbs in our shower blocks and mobile homes
  • At night, the shower blocks and outdoor areas (terrace and reception area) are lit by motion-detector lamps
  • Signs lit at nighttime run on solar power
  • The children’s water play area is heated by a heat pump
  • At the start of the season, the swimming pool is also heated by a heat pump in order to keep the use of electric heaters to a minimum
  • The lagging of water pipes in the shower blocks is planned for winter 2021

Water management:

  • We water plants and shrubs with collected rainwater
  • This is done early in the morning or at the end of the day
  • Chemical substances required for the swimming pool are used in strictly controlled quantities and stored in a locked facility
  • Aerators have been fitted to all taps in the shower blocks in order to reduce water consumption
  • Water-saving shower heads have been fitted in all mobile homes
  • All the campsite toilets have a dual-flush system
Aiguille Creuse campsite: Valerie Blanchett 6od32nfhliw Unsplash

Waste management:

  • Waste recycle bins can be found on the campsite premises
  • Green waste is delivered to a neighbouring farm to be used for compost
  • Waste is collected frequently enough to avoid its build-up even during busy periods
  • The location of waste recycle bins is clearly indicated at the campsite and on the campsite map
  • Explanatory notices are displayed next to the waste recycle bins, but also in each mobile home and on the campsite information panels
  • Waste recycle bags are provided in all mobile homes
  • In the aim of keeping the use of disposable tableware to a minimum in the bar and snack bar, we kindly request that our customers bring their own bowls, plates, etc. when collecting takeaway food. We also encourage the use of cardboard cups wherever reusable ones are impractical
  • Brochures and invoices are sent only by email whenever possible

Responsible procurement:

  • In order to limit the use of plastic bottles, we encourage our bar and snack-bar customers to drink tap water, served in carafes.
  • For cleaning purposes we use mostly white vinegar, which reduces both costs and pollution
  • Our cleaning staff keep the mobile homes and communal areas well aired in order to reduce the need for air fresheners
  • Eco-certified products are included in our courtesy packs
  • All of our mattresses and pillows have anti-transpiration polyurethane covers which are easier to clean and disinfect. These have replaced the disposable protectors that we used previously
  • We have also replaced single-use sheets with machine-washable ones